Wonder Tea

Wonder Tea is a faux brand concept developed for the city slicker 20-30 something year old who wants to bring some pizzazz to their tea cabinet both in the sense of style and flavor.

The conceptual “classic” tea blends feature tangy, crisp flavor profiles that provide high caffeine levels for a “let’s get shit done” type of day. The approach in offering a limited amount of tea blend options in the tea tin packaging helps circumvents analysis paralysis for the prospective customer which can aide in an increase in sales in the most profitable product available on the store.

To avoid boring our customers and taking into consideration that that some tea drinkers switch up their morning brew, we created a line of “specialty” tea blends and elixers.



The kerning of the word wonder was thoughtfully arranged so that the top row nested neatly onto the head of the letters on the bottom row.

The use of a semi-circle creates a beautiful contrast to the font as well as the geometric pattern on the packaging and various accessories.

Square font family gives us defined geometric shapes. The use of this font in the logo reads of a modern brand with a quirky attitude. The font is stark and defined which helps it to remain legible.

Logo Variations

The colors are meant to compliment the ingredients of each product while remaining eye catching and fun. The logo varies only in color to coincide with each tea blend’s packaging.



The colors on the packaging match the corresponding logo for each blend and enhanced with the contrast of black and white. The use of geometric patterns in these designs was inspired by the Bauhaus movement and modern design principles.


The concepts for the design of Wonder Tea’s website can be seen above and in the gif towards the top of this page. Playing off of the flavors of the tea, each page on the website packs a bold punch of visual flavor to keep the user excited and engaged. We wanted a  design to maintain an emphasis on the products and easily guide the potential customer to easily make a purchase of our products. 

The use of several call to actions on the homepage could aide in increasing the conversion rate of sales or mailing list sign ups. Giving out an incentive like discounts on orders in return for a user’s email is a small price to pay. With the power of email marketing we can keep our brand awareness at the forefront of user’s minds and potentially increase our conversion in sales.